A self-contained ecosystem
that can serve as a model
for island regeneration

A six-point plan to recreate the
conditions of the Bronze age era

Isle of Taransay. Adam and Cathra Kelliher
Isle of Taransay. Adam and Cathra Kelliher

We feel it a great privilege to be the stewards of Taransay. Here we have an opportunity to enourage and sustain environmental regeneration and to preserve the memory of a long human history in the most extraordinary of locations. We invite all who visit to share our vision and enjoy.

Adam and Cathra Kelliher

The owners of Taransay

Regeneration of Taransay is Underway

Explore our plans to restore the contained ecosystem of Taransay from an ecological and social perspective.

Regeneration Plan

The owners of Taransay, Cathra and Adam Kelliher, have commenced on a long-term programme to regenerate the island’s ecosystem. Their vision is to restore the flora and fauna back to a time before grazing took such a toll, essentially to what the island looked like in the bronze age. They want to give Mother Nature a free hand on this pristine Hebridean island. Towards this, they have consulted with a range of wildlife experts and environmentalists to resolve a regeneration plan  based on six fundamental principles to regenerate the island’s ecosystem

Clean Up Isle of Taransay

1. Clean up

Significant quantities of detritus that washes onto the island have been collected. Defunct stock fences have been removed. The vision is that outside of the Paible area, there should be few signs of human habitation.

2. Balanced Grazing

The monoculture caused by extensive sheep grazing has ended with the removal of the herd. Already, flora and fauna have regenerated and the aim is to have a diversity of small groups of grazing species to support a more diverse and balanced habitat.

3. Considered Reintroduction

Deer proof fencing will be deployed in the early years at sites where more certainty is needed for forest revival. We will plant a mosaic of native Scottish species, such as ash, willow, alder.

Island's ecosystem regeneration plan | tree planting programme

4. Preservation

The archaeological as well as the more recent human heritage of Taransay will be protected.

Praying Rock, Isle of Taransay | Borve Lodge Estate

5. Community Involvement

We are closely engaged with the West Harris community about our plans, and welcome their participation in the project.

6. Carbon Balance

All actions will be taken to align with COP26 principles, most notably to ensure our Peatlands are properly maintained and the carbon well captured.

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